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Rancho San Diego’s retail offerings have expanded with the recent addition of the fashionable Runway Shoes & Accessories. The boutique is locally owned and operated by an East County family, and features head-to-toe merchandise for any fashionista on a budget. 

The upscale-looking boutique features displays with arrays of jewelry, make up, shoes, purses, clothing and holiday trinkets. The store décor is modern, trendy and very inviting, and offers a wide selection of styles for every taste!


Does your child need last minute touches for their PROM outfit?!

With the average cost of prom around $1,000 per attendee, parents and students need ideas for how to have the full milestone experience without digging so deep into their wallets. One great way to save without cutting corners is shopping at Runway Shoes & Accessories!

Runway Boutique solves all your budget hesitations with a full “accessories ensemble” for less than $50, which includes shoes, purse, make up, hair accessories and more. These items can save upwards of hundreds of dollars for an average shopper, while teens can still feel glamorous on their big day!

Runway Owner Diana Dallo knows that “Prom is a special coming-of-age milestone, and Runway is happy to be a small part of the experience” She says: “We want people to look and feel great and have the full glamorous experience without have worrying how much they spent on their outfit or accessories!”

Here’s what’s unique about Runway Boutique:

Runway carries many of the same products as major retailers at a fraction of the price. Because of our relationships with vendors, we negotiate very competitive pricing and pass along the savings to our customers, relying on volume for our business model.

Whether shopping for a fun night on the town or looking for a gift, Runway carries everything from fashionable shoes to accessories to make up at a significant discount. Ideal for school dances, weddings, special events and more!

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Local Business Spotlight: Patti Matta, Trusted Mortgage Lender

Get to know one your local Rancho San Diego businesses!



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My goal is to become your lender for life – not just a trusted advisor, but also a friend.


About Patti:

Hi, I’m Patti Matta, a knowledgeable and experienced Loan Officer at Bay Equity Home Loans in San Diego. I’m proud to represent Bay Equity, and my strong reputation matches the company’s Core Values – focused service, honesty and integrity.


What Makes Patti Different:

My goal is to become your lender for life – not just a trusted advisor, but also a friend.

I’ve been working in San Diego and the surrounding area for more than 25 years. In today’s challenging marketplace, there’s just no substitute for experience. I provide exceptional customer service and educate clients fully on each product, so they can make an informed decision.

I’m also a local Rancho San Diego community member! My husband, Ed, and I moved from New Jersey to the Rancho San Diego community in 1991. You may spot me taking neighborhood strolls with the “girls”-  my black Labs Lexi and Brandi. In addition to being a member of more than 50 animal charities, my passions include gardening in the spring and watching football in the fall.



Whether buying or refinancing, Bay Equity offers a full array of loan products, including conventional, FHA, VA, USDA and reverse mortgage. We specialize in financing options, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, current homeowner or investor.

Call me today to discuss financing options that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, success and experience with you!


Call Patti Matta to schedule a free consultation!


Patti Matta, Senior Loan Officer
NMLS ID #256791




Local Business Spotlight: H&S Heating and Air Conditioning

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HS-Heating-Air_spotlightAbout Us:

My name is Anthony Pulley – Owner and operator of H&S Heating & Air Conditioning. I started my business in May 2005, and named it after my two daughters – Hannah & Sidney.  

Experienced in the HVAC field for over 20 years, I took a leap of Faith and became self-employed. God has blessed my family and my business; we just celebrated 12 years of business. When I first started I was fortunate to help out a lot of the Julian fire victims, it was rewarding to see so many people come back from such a tragic event. I think that is what I love most about my job, pleasing the customer. Arriving at their homes with them either very hot (like the past few days) or pretty chilly; then leaving with a smile on their face.


What Makes Our Business Special:

I always make sure my customers are completely aware of what product is being put into their home.

I run my business by word of mouth….so a satisfied customer equals another customer. I have never really advertised over the 8 years of business, all my customers have been referred to me by a past customer. I really am proud of that fact.



See what our customers are saying about us. . . 

“We went over to the condo today and saw and felt the new system for the first time. You guys did a terrific job! First of all when we walked in it felt like a meat locker and they had only turned on the air a few minutes before! That is very awesome! I couldn’t believe how good the vents and the return looked. No one would ever think that it was an add on. And the system is so quiet! The kids are very pleased too. My son is not easy to impress but he had nothing but good things to say about you and your crew. I really felt like I could trust you the first time we met and you did not disappoint! I am writing to ask if it would be OK if I did a Yelp review of the job you did at the condo. It would be a good review, of course. It is so rare to find a company like yours and I want to spread the word.”

– Pat n me

“Tony – Thanks for your great work – I did a yelp review for your place. Four stars baby. 🙂 Hopefully that will get you some leads and referrals too. Will shoot your name off to anyone we know that may need your air guru wizardry”

– Tamara and Dennis Allen


Our Services:

We provide and service, residential energy efficient heating & air conditioning systems for the San Diego County area for the past 20 years.

We provide an honest evaluation of your existing HVAC system.  We do not try to up sell products that are unnecessary for your situation.

Our prices are competitive and our staff is friendly and knowledgeable with the products we offer.




Call us TODAY!

(619) 820-0227

P.O. Box 21662,
El Cajon, Ca. 92019



Local Business Spotlight: American Family Kenpo Karate

“The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”  Gichin Funakoshi

At American Family Kenpo Karate, we teach the American Kenpo Karate 4.46 System. The 4.46 System was designed & created by Master Gary Wilson, Senior Grand Master Hebler, and Associate Master David Stewart. The 4.46 system is a highly advanced self-defense system designed for the average person to learn an effective martial arts system that is also highly effective in the street today.

American Family Kenpo Karate is dedicated to teaching you and your child one of the most explosive, comprehensive and innovated martial arts systems in the world today. At American Family Kenpo Karate our instructors are dedicated to teaching you to be the best that you can be. We teach men, women, and children starting as young as age 3. Master Wellson also teaches private, personal protection classes at your home or business;  structured to best fit your wants and needs. Best of all, your first class is FREE.



Master Gary Wilson’s Amazing Storygary-wilson

My name is Gary Wilson. I’m the Owner, Founder & Senior Instructor at American Family Kenpo Karate. I have been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years now. I received my 1st & 2nd Degree Black Belt at Lemon Grove Kenpo Karate under Mr. Darby Darrow. I received my 3rd through 7th Degree black belt under Master Willy Steele. I continued my advanced training – 8th & 9th Degree – under Senior Grandmaster David Hebler – the highest ranking Kenpo Black Belt in the world! He is my current teacher.

I have always had a love for the martial arts; I think it keeps people well-balanced in their everyday lives and builds an extremely high level of confidence, which is crucial in today’s environment, no matter where you live. With children, it helps keep them focused with concentration, teach self-discipline, balance, motor skills, physical fitness and increase grades in school. Most importantly, self-defense equips children and adults with the skills to defend themselves in case of an emergency. I enjoy teaching the martial arts because I love seeing my students grow and achieve a higher level of learning.




We Teach Real Martial Arts Skills to ALL Levels…

Master Wilson’s Original Kenpo Karate 4.46 System is one of the most advanced martial arts systems in Self-Defense today….whether you’re being attacked by one opponent or multiple opponents. We believe in teaching real martial arts skills at ALL levels and our 3-year-old karate class is just that – A karate class. It is not an after-school playtime – it’s where they will learn to  stand at attention and pay respect, concentration, balance, coordination and very important listening skills, all while learning self-defense moves. Our older youth, teens & adults learn to understand self-defense concepts, concentration, focus and how to execute self-defense techniques in a proper manner.


* Try your first class for FREE! Absolutely no charge and no obligation. (All trial classes must be scheduled ahead of time)
Special Workshops and Seminars

We also offer workshops and seminars! You can create your own workshop or seminar – For example, if you have a minimum of 5 female friends you could create a Women’s Self-Defense Class or Workshop. Prices depend on the number of students and the length of time for training. Master Wilson structures these workshops and seminars by adhering to his original Kenpo Karate techniques and strategies, while also addressing everyone’s different fears and skill levels and helping you work through those.

*We also do seminars and workshops for businesses!*


“My 10 year old boy has been coming here since he was 5. The difference in his attitude, respect, learning abilities and self discipline is amazing. I feel it is all because of American Family Kenpo Karate. I highly recommend them to all.” – Ali Werner, Parent

“The owners, Dana and Gary Wilson, are such gracious people that they attract kind, yet dedicated, instructors and students. My sons, husband, and I have not only learned martial arts, but made friends as well. The name of this dojo is accurate-it truly is a family orientated martial arts studio.” – Teacher, Torrey Pines High School Peter Ontiveros

“Karate has helped me in so many different ways, in discipline, agility, and hand eye coordination. In karate, discipline teaches you to never give up and be patient with yourself. The stretching we do has really improved my quickness and agility. In addition, my hand-eye coordination has also improved and has helped me in baseball both in my hitting and my fielding. Since beginning karate I am hitting the ball way more. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and guiding me through out my journey.” – Jon Carr, Student



Master Wilson’s 4.46 Complete System is also available on DVD and online training courses will be available soon. Call now to schedule your free trial class at (619) 871-2022! See you on the mat!

DIRECTIONS: We are located at 9621 Campo Road, Suite L. Casa de Oro/Spring Valley, CA. 91977. We are the last suite at the end, hidden around the corner (directly behind Butler’s Coffee House). Look for our flag banners!

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Local Business Spotlight – Realign Design by Ginger Helgeson

Back, Neck, Knee or Foot Pain? Experience Non-Medical, Non-Evasive PAIN RELIEF.

Ginger_Realign Design_AD8_560

I am a Certified Posture Alignment Therapist, personally trained with Pete Egoscue and through the Egoscue University, established in 1988. My typical client is one who is currently experiencing joint and muscle pain, and is looking for a natural alternative to the chronic pain merry-go-round.  If that describes you, call me!

The ability to re-establish proper muscle and joint position hinges on identifying and unraveling muscular compensations. Then the muscles must be stimulated to maintain proper length, tension and stability. When the joints are properly aligned, the body will be able to move freely and efficiently. The wear and tear and joint inflammation will be reduced, cartilage will have the opportunity to regenerate, and you will be able to move more freely and with ease than you have in years.




  1. Do you want to be self-reliant and empowered to get your body into the best posture and motion possible?
  2. Would you like to avoid surgery or prescription medications?
  3. Do you have nagging or episodic pain that has come and gone for years?
  4. Have you experienced limited or no success with traditional therapies like physical therapy, chiropractic, massage?
  5. Are you an athlete looking to get an edge on your competition and enhance your performance?
  6. Would you like to improve your posture but not sure how to do it on your own?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then regardless of your age or current situation, the powerful benefits of training with me at Realign Design is for you!

Ginger HelgesonMy Story
– 9 Years on WTA pro tennis circuit.
– Wimbledon, French, Australian fourth round, US Open fourth round and quarter finalist.
– Achieved a career high ranking of #29 in the world.
– Inductee in Pepperdine Hall of Fame.
– Certified Egoscue Therapist.

While playing tennis for Pepperdine University, I suffered for 2 years with Plantar Fasciitis, a painful foot / heel condition. After doing Pete Egoscue’s specifically tailored menus, my painful symptoms were relieved. I would never have had the longevity of a grueling pro-career had it not been for Pete Egoscue. Limiting your favorite activities and turning to ice and anti-inflammatory’s to mask the pain, is not the answer.

It is self empowering to do exercises on your own that treat the dysfunction. This will allow for lasting shifts in the body. The muscles and nerves are the boss of the body; they tell the bones what to do. The Egoscue Method achieves postural alignment and musculoskeletal balance by working through a series of exercises that stretch and strengthen specific muscles so the body can return to proper alignment and function the way it was meant to be, pain free!


My company is Realign Design. I offer a non-medical, non-invasive approach to relieving pain, restoring posture and maximizing athletic performance. I can help you be successful in golf, tennis, baseball, football and athletics, as well as daily living activities.

Private Instruction
– Posture assessment
– Gait analysis
– Custom tailored menus
– Minimize risk of injury
– Increase strength, flexibility and mobility
– Sport specific – Golf, Tennis, Football, Baseball, Soccer


     “I was fortunate to come across the Egoscue Method in 1992, during my eleven year professional tennis career on the WTA Tour. I can honestly say with 100% certainty that I would not have been able to compete at that level for 11 years, without a single surgery, had it not been for the Egoscue Method. In 1992 I had a serious back injury and was told that I needed surgery and would be off the Tour for 4-6 months. A fellow competitor on the WTA Tour recommended that I try the Egoscue Method first, before any surgery. I am so grateful that I gave it a try since I was back on the courts in 2 weeks and competing in 6 weeks. Over the course of my career I had overuse injuries with plantar fasciitis, low back pain and tendonitis in my right wrist. The Egoscue Method taught me how they were all connected with my spinal posture. This knowledge enabled me to prevent any injuries that would cause me to miss time competing. I was diligent in doing my menus to stay in alignment and stay on the courts. I wholeheartedly recommend and believe in the postural alignment therapy and in Ginger’s ability to see any deviation from your optimum alignment!”
~Marianne Werdel, Formerly ranked #21in the world on the WTA tour, 11 year veteran All-American Stanford University
CALL ME TODAY to get a FREE CONSULTATION! Ginger (619) 504-4491 or visit my website to learn more! www.realign-design.com