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CRIME ALERT: Car Break-In on Avenida Marcella

From Eric. O, Via Facebook: At 3:06 am I walked out of my house on Avenida Marcella to 3 guys breaking into a vehicle and then one of the guys approached my truck. Let’s just say I freaked them out. Sheriff contacted. [The car they took off in] was a 2011 Hyundai Sonata (thanks to Dave for looking it up), license plate number 6PMW236. Can someone please catch these punks? Thanks!!

The truck they were breaking into and actually inside of showed no signs of forcible entry. The one guy jumped out of the back seat and went to the car behind it and checked the locks and then headed toward my truck. Basically I’m trying to say is MAKE SURE YOU LOCK YOUR DOORS!! They were looking for the easy ones.

*FOUND!!* MISSING PERSON: Isabelle Cueto Last Seen in Santee

#MISSINGPERSONS: 14 year old Isabelle Cueto has been missing since 5:30pm on April 16th. Last seen at Woodglen Vista Park in Santee with friends. Her phone has been turned off since 6pm yesterday. Isabelle is described as….

  • Hispanic Female Juvenile
  • 14 years old
  • 4′ 8″
  • 100lbs.
  • LSW: Gray shirt, black shorts & Vans

If you see her or know her whereabouts, please contact her mother Yvette Smith at (619) 957-9717 or the Santee Sheriff’s Department at (858) 565- 5200.

Isabelle Cueto Missing

CRIME ALERT: Attempted Burglary Near Rancho San Diego Elementary

Crime Alert Rancho San Diego Community Network 92019

From a local resident:

“Everyone who lives near Rancho San Diego Elementary, be cautious as today my home was almost robbed. This morning at around 9:40AM my husband was home when a young African American male came and began knocking the door and ringing our doorbell. At first my husband checked through the peephole, thought it was an advertisement, and just left the door. All of a sudden he heard the window begin to shake in the living room. When he went back there were three African American males taking off the screen of our window and trying to open it. When my husband opened the blinds, they were startled and began cursing, then ran off down Calle Albara. He didn’t get a clear view of them but here were the descriptions he gave me:

-The one knocking on the door was a male of around 25-35 years old, he was around 6′ tall and had on a hoodie
-There was a younger boy around 15-16 years old had curly hair with a black cap on
-The third man was further away, around 5’8″-5’10” and also had on a hoodie.

Thankfully my husband was home so they ran off but I just wanted to let everyone know to keep a watch out for any suspicious activity. If anyone saw anything or has any information, please comment below or private message me as we’re filing a report.”

This was on Calle Naranja… The resident didn’t want to divulge their full address, but it was on the part of the street closest to the elementary school.

UPDATE:I actually wanted to update because I just came home and asked my husband what happened in detail: he said that first there was only one man, the 25-35 year old, knocking and ringing the doorbell asking if anyone was home. Then, he left, but a few moments later he came and began knocking the door again this time with the 15-16 year old and the 5’8″-5’10” man was standing by our garage. All of a sudden my husband saw they were touching the window screen. He said they were so quick, when he saw them touching the screen he stuck his head into our living room which has a window right next to the door and didn’t see anything. When he looked back through the peephole he saw that one of the men were sticking their heads through the window and when he went back to the living room the man had his head through our window. When my husband yelled, the man looked at him, said “Oh $%^&” and they all took off. Glad they were scared off but my husband was really surprised by how quick they were, he said it took them only a few seconds to take off the screen and open the window.”




Chauncey ClarkEvery month, the Sheriff’s Department works with the San Diego Regional Fugitive Task Force (FTF) and Crime Stoppers to find and arrest people wanted for committing crimes.

Be on the lookout for 30-year-old Chauncey Clark.  He is wanted on a felony warrant for criminal threats and contempt of court.  Clark also has prior convictions for domestic violence and sales of a controlled substance.

Clark stands 6′ tall and weighs about 165 pounds.  He has black hair and brown eyes.  He is known to frequent Spring Valley, La Mesa and El Cajon.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Chauncey Clark is urged to call Crime Stoppers. You can remain anonymous and be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward for information that leads to a felony arrest.  Call (888) 580-8477.

To learn more about wanted fugitives in San Diego County, visit www.sdsheriff.net/wanted/.

CRIME ALERT: Possible Attempted Kidnapping in El Cajon

Crime Alert Rancho San Diego Community Network 92019

*We have not heard any additional details on this incident, but thought it would be something the community should be aware of. We will update this post if more details are released.

Taken from East County Emergency Updates: “This has been forwarded to me by several people. Please keep an eye out & report any strange activity to the ECPD or call 9-1-1….

ATTENTION THOSE WITH CHILDREN IN EL CAJON AREA!!!!!!!!! Our apartment manager came by to let us know that a few guys in MASKS and a BLACK VAN tried kidnapping one of the neighbors kids. They gave back the son when his dad came out with a bat!! This was in El Cajon by the Mollison Dennys. KEEP YOUR KIDS INSIDE!! AND YOUR EYES OUTSIDE!! These guys are sick bastards!!!”