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Cuyamaca College Spring 2018 Career Workshops

Come learn something new at the Cuyamaca College Spring 2018 Career Workshops!

Career workshops – a $40 value –are FREE for students, faculty, staff, and the public! Sign up by contacting Cuyamaca College Career Services at 619-660-4436, or just show up. While calling ahead is optional, it does help the staff know how many to anticipate for any materials they might plan to handout. For more information, contact cuyamaca.career@gcccd.edu


Wed, 2/7, 2-3pm, In-Demand Jobs (C2C)
San Diego’s economy offers many engaging, fulfilling work opportunities! During this workshop, we’ll share about San Diego’s fastest-growing industries and occupations and help participants learn what they can do now to qualify for those job opportunities in the future.

Wed, 2/14 – Strategies for Interview Success (2-3 pm in A-112)
A strong interview can mean the difference between “you’re hired” and “don’t call us; we’ll call you.” At this workshop, participants will learn strategies for interview success and engage in practice interviews with their peers.
Free Interview Workbook

Wed, 2/21 – Creating an Elevator Pitch (2-3 pm in A-112)
Elevator pitches are brief, rehearsed introductions that give potential employers a “highlight reel” of a person’s experiences and aspirations – answering the common “tell me about yourself” interview question. Participants will build a pitch that includes their passions, goals and qualifications, then practice their pitch individually and in groups.

Tues, 2/27 – Finding Your Pathway (12-1 pm in A-112)
How to Choose a Career and Major

Wed, 2/28 – Building a Resume (2-4 pm in A-112)
A great résumé is the key to landing job interviews. Participants will learn what it takes to build résumés employers will love. They will learn how to share about previous jobs, volunteer positions and other experience, then create a résumé on the spot. (The workshop will be 2 hours)
Free Resume Workbook

Wed, 3/7 – Connect2Careers Portal Registration (2-3 pm in A-112)
The CONNECT2Careers portal gives students access to job postings, a peer job coach and resources like résumé templates and practice interview questions. In this workshop, we will bring the lab to you to get your registered.

Wed, 3/14 – Skills for Success: What Employers Want! (2-3 pm in A-112)

Wed, 3/21 – In-Demand Jobs (2-3 pm in A-112)

Tues, 4/3 – Networking for Success (12-1 pm in A-112)
Learn the importance of networking and the various types of networking, including social networking

Wed, 4/4 – Building a Resume (2-4 pm in A-112)
Free Resume Workbook

Wed, 4/11 – Strategies for Interview Success (2-3 pm in A-112)
Free Interview Workbook

Wed, 4/17 – Navigating the Career Fair (12-1 pm in A-112)

Wed, 4/18 – Creating an Elevator Pitch (2-3 pm in A-112)

Wed, 4/25 – East County Career Expo (9:30 am – 1:30 pm in Student Center Bldg 1)

Wed, 5/2 – Connect2Careers Portal Registration (2-3 pm in A-112)


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